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National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS)

NPORS provides practical training and knowledge assessment for workers looking to operate machines such as Excavators, Dozers, Forward and Rear Tipping Dumpers, Agricultural Tractors and more!

The goal of this scheme is to provide a flexible approach to help meet an employer’s needs and to help create competent construction workers. NPORS cards are obtained by successfully completing both practical training and knowledge assessments for the item at hand (e.g. A Forward Tipping Dumper). Courses that the candidate has successfully completed are put on the back of the card, displaying their achievements, and allowing the candidate to operate the given items on the card.

Examples of an NPORS Card

                        Front of the Card                                                                        Back of the Card


back of npors_new_12

Why should I choose NPORS over CPCS? Aren’t they practically the same?

Both NPORS and CPCS provide similar qualifications however CPCS qualifications are generally recognised everywhere whilst NPORS qualifications are only accepted on the majority of construction sites – despite being fully registered by the UKCG (UK Construction Group).

Along with this, CPCS requires operators to keep a log book with at least 300 hours on each machine they are qualified to use, per year. Also, this logbook has to be verified and signed by a CPCS qualified operator. In comparison, NPORS only requires the candidate to take the courses every 5 years to ensure their abilities to operate the machines are still up to standard.

On average NPORS assessments cost around £450 a day in comparison to CPCS assessments which on average cost around £750 a day.

NPORS is different to other cards due to its flexibility and variety. The flexibility of the card gives operators and managers the ability to:

  • Restrict the card for operation reasons – e.g. 360 Excavator – Restricted to use of Front Bucket attachment only.
  • Include attachments onto machines – e.g. Dozer with Multi-shank Ripper
  • Restrict the card for commercial reasons – e.g. for use X Companies sites only.

This allows the card to be more specific to suit what the operator or manager needs.

Along with this, NPORS provides many courses that other schemes do not.

For example:

  • Vehicle Banksman (Traffic Marshal)
  • Quick Hitch (Safety or Awareness)
  • Slinging and Lifting with Excavators
  • Abrasive Wheels

There are two routes of assessment for NPORS courses dependent on the operator’s experience. If the candidate has no experience with the items at hand then they will have to attend a full novice training course. However, if the operators are experienced then an experienced worker assessment is available for them to attend.

If an operator is in need of a renewal of their NPORS card then there are two routes they can take.

  • The employer signs a renewal notification form for the operator. The signature is needed to certify that the operator has maintained a good standard of operation with the item and has been accident free during their employment.
  • A refresher training course to be completed for each category the operator has completed in prior assessments.

The refresher course is highly recommended to assure that the operators are still operating the machines to the NPORS standard and can also be used as an opportunity to get rid of any habits that may hinder their standard of work which could have been picked up over the duration of the NPORS card’s lifespan

NPORS Courses We Currently Cover

N123 – Excavator Mini up to 5 Tonnes N132 – Plant Mover N133 – Plant Machinery Marshal
N201 – Excavator 180 N202 – Excavator 360 N204 – Forward Tipping Dumper
N205 – Rear Tipping Dumper N206 – Loader Compressor N207 – Crusher
N208 – Screener N209 – Loading Shovel N212 – Skid Steer Loader
N215 – Dozer N601 – Agricultural Tractor N722 – Materials Re-Handler





Go to our courses calendar page to see dates for the open courses and to book.