NRSWA Street Works Supervisor Re-Assess

NRSWA Requalification Plus – Supervisors (Units 1, 10-14 & 16)
(Unit 15 can be re-assessed if required)

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Who Should Attend?
This New Roads and Street Works Requalification Plus course is designed for Operatives or Supervisors that are registered with the Street Works Qualification Register and wish to renew their NRSWA qualification but also require exam preparation and refresher training.

Training Course Content:
Delegates will receive rigorous theory based training and exam preparation designed specifically around the NRSWA Requalification assessment.

Delegates will have to sit  six written multiple choice exam papers throughout the day under strict exam conditions. Each exam paper must be completed within a strict 30 minute timeframe.

Standard Supervisor Qualifications:

• Location of Underground Services (Unit 1).
• Signing, Lighting & Guarding – Supervisors (Unit 10).
• Excavation – Supervisors (Unit 11).
• Reinstatement – Bottom Half – Supervisors (Unit 12).
• Reinstatement – Top Half – Supervisors (Unit 13).
• Bituminous Material – Supervisors (Unit 14).
• Monitoring re-instatement of Modular Services & Concrete Footways (Unit 16).

Additional Information

SQA give all NRSWA card holders a six month grace period to take their requalification assessment. However, we will be unable to take any bookings for delegates who want to attend a course where the course start date is within 3 months of the grace period expiry (not card expiry), due to the time that it takes the accrediting body to process the requalification.

Delegates need to provide a passport photograph and on the day of training for production of SWQR Cards as well as Photo ID, either the SWQR card, passport or driving licence.

Delegates should inform their trainer if they have any serious health issues, physical problems, special considerations or are taking any medication, which may create difficulties in undertaking elements of this training course.

Go to our courses calendar page to see dates for the open courses and to book